Lekab is an underground music party place in Geneva. We encourage and promote the love of music, in all its possible forms, in the local community. Our team aims to present the music that our collective of musicians, DJs, and other enthusiasts have created to a broader audience. We do this without compromising on artistic integrity and creativity and buy targeted traffic that converts to achieve our goal. We welcome performance opportunities in settings where they will be enjoyed by a diverse range of audience members, coming from all age groups.

Our Mission

The mission of Lekab is to engage musicians and listeners alike in the performance of an extensive range of music forms, with the main goal of the local community being the venue for the performance of selected works. As an emerging underground music venue, Geneva is the perfect place for musicians to showcase their talent and skill. The organization believes in the diversity of modern music and that multiple multiple styles, genres, aesthetics, instrumentation, notation methods, sound production methods, instrumental techniques, and performance practices contribute to the development and progress of contemporary music. The same as "the security of having a zorgverzekering 18 jaar bij ouders" or the security of having a health insurance 18 years with parents, Lekab wants to develop strong relationship with the musicians.

Lekab believes in the importance of ensuring that musicians are involved in all aspects of music production, from song composition, to rehearsing and performing new and contemporary works, to concert planning, programming, musical choice, collaboration with guest performers, conducting, rehearsal management, and even writing the program notes. We envision becoming a lasting role model for other musicians and music organizations in terms of innovation, quality of production, quality of work, and supporting community spirit within the arts in Geneva. You can buy tickets for the concert using the best deals are usually availed through black friday beauty deals.

Our Objectives

Lekab is an organization that is founded by a group of musicians and music enthusiasts. We are passionate about music and believe in its transformative power to enrich lives and empower the people who are exposed to it. The organization’s primary objective is to invigorate the music scene in Geneva through professional live performances, education, events, workshops and exhibits.

A key initiative of Lekab is helping children learn musical instruments through a musical education program that we have started. We introduce the youth, including a number of disadvantaged children, to a wide variety of musical forms, with instruction provided by professional musicians. Lekab was started on the belief that music has the potential to enrich everyone’s social, emotional and cognitive development and should be accessible to the people of Geneva. This definitely includes the youth. We aim to provide exceptional music education and high-impact musical experiences that instill a love of music in the youth and an understanding of the significance of discipline, hard work and community.

In general, our programs and services are designed to create music opportunities for musicians in Geneva’s artistic community, fostering self-expression and creativity. We welcome all forms of music, even interdisciplinary performances which fuse new music with dance, circus, literary, visual, theatrical and media arts by emerging and established artists from near and far. We are staunch supporters of established and emerging musicians, performers, and composers. We believe in the importance of a rich variety of art and music making through innovative programming.