The Outcome of the Recent DUMBO Arts Festival

<a href="http://lekab cialis non”>Festival NewsFor the 18th year of the DUMBO Arts Festival, thousands of art fans filled the streets on Friday night and all day Saturday to kick-off a fun filled weekend of open studios, interactive art, and never ending performing pieces. Even though an ongoing construction project may off blocked parts of the festival, the large crowds were kept pleased by tons of artists, the positive and thriving energy of others and the amazing weather.

 For just two days of this amazing festival experience, here are some of the best highlights this year:

  • Tom Fruin brought his favorite crowd pleaser: the stained cheap jordans online plexi-glass shack. This was said to be one of the most popular exhibits in the entire festival. This thing shows off true beauty; whether the sun is reflecting off the colors during the day or the light is illuminating from within during the night.

  • The SAWCC or South Asian Women’s Creative Collective inspired beauty amongst many women in the crowd. They asked women from all over to participate in exploring the many ways that females are judged and perceived by their physical appearance including hair, skin and clothing options.

  • Heather Hart came back with her all time Barter Town. Here you could trade for items such as third-eye face painting, massage therapy, clothing, snacks and even songs.

  • Video and light based art works Ray Ban sale lined the streets and were mostly participatory.

Sadly, the DUMBO arts festival is gone until next year. However, if you are looking for something a little family-friendly, free and completely fun based, come back next year!

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